Tree protection at building sites


Tree protection during construction activities

Trees at a building site have to be protected against mechanical damage (e.g. bruising of the bark on the trunk, branches and roots, damage to the crown) by vehicles, construction machinery and special construction procedures.    
At Baobab we design and implement tree protection during construction activities, including resolution of the technical details where building work will affect trees in accordance with CSN 83 9061 – Protection of Tress, Plants and Vegetation Areas during Construction Work and Nature and Landscape Management Standard – Protection of Trees during Construction Activities - SPPK A01 002.           
The method, extent and dates for performance of protective measures are governed, in particular, by the state and foreseen future of existing trees, as well as the type, extent and duration of construction work.     

In an ideal case we enter the process during project preparation. This markedly increases the chance that the affected trees will survive the construction work with minimum negative impacts.   
Digging using air spade technology, sensitive breaking of roots or the possible installation of root screens can effectively prevent root decay and then structural failure (overturning) of a tree.   
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