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Are you thinking of a garden pond? Entrust their realisation to our professionals’ hands. Swimming pools can be unsightly in many gardens and, in addition, not everybody wants one. On the contrary, a small pond will please lovers of aesthetics and nature. Garden ponds underline the overall impression and bring a new dimension to your garden. In summer, water from ponds also pleasantly refreshes the surrounding air.  

Environmentally-friendly Bathing and Decorative Garden Ponds
Garden ponds are part of every modern garden today. Are you attracted by the idea of a garden pond and are you looking for a suitable realisation company? Do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are interested in a bathing or purely decorative pond. We have long experience with pond implementation and will design a made-to-measure solution. We handle comprehensive turnkey realisation of garden ponds from design to regular service.        

The smallest garden ponds are sold on the market as prefabricated pieces and there are planting zones and pockets for subsequent plants. For cleaning, it is possible to use external filtration of a “swimming-pool” type, UV lamps or a combination of these methods.       

Large garden ponds or small ponds of atypical shapes can be built out of two types of film: 
The first option is PE film. One of the advantages is its lower price and simpler method of sticking joints together. On the contrary, one disadvantage is the lesser expansivity, primarily at lower temperatures, the impossibility of making joins and repairs at lower temperatures and the overall lower service life of the film and resistance to UV radiation.        
The second option is EPDM rubber film. For a somewhat higher price you obtain a high-quality, durable material with excellent flexibility and expansivity even at low temperatures. Joining and repairs are performed by welding, the work is not influenced by the surrounded temperature. The material’s service life is 70 years, the ordinarily-provided guarantee is around 10 years, with the exception of mechanical puncturing.         

Environmentally-friendly Water Cleaning
In the case of garden ponds with a size of over 35 to 40 sqm, an environmentally-friendly cleaning method can be considered. Given this size it is possible to create a sufficient self-cleaning zone based on plants and an appropriate filtration layer at the bottom or next to a pond. Individual systems can differ in terms of the share of plants and mechanical filtration, depending on which licensed system a company uses. The result, however, should always be crystal-clear water without using chemicals.               

BAOBAB – péče o zeleň s.r.o. holds a certificate from Akademie Landschaftsbau Weihenstephan GmbH, a Bavarian university for professional education, for the construction of environmentally-friendly garden ponds. You can find ponds we have built not only in Prague, but throughout the Czech Republic.    
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