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We have been performing expert care for trees since 1996. During this time we have commenced long-term cooperation with multiple clients, usually lasting more than ten years (sometimes even twenty).      

When caring for trees, which are long-lived organisms, continual care is very important. Based on our experience, we know that frequent changes of “handwriting”, primarily as far as concerns pruning, are not good for trees. Thanks to regular inspections, we manage to maintain the trees entrusted to us at an acceptable level of operational safety. Last but not least, regular care has a positive effect on the length of trees’ lifespan.         

25 Years’ Experience
You will find industry professionals in our team. Thanks to the constant education of our workers, long-term cooperation with Mendel University in Brno and a number of other experts, as well as uncompromising checks on output, we have managed to maintain quality at the highest possible level for 25 years.     
Our company BAOBAB - péče o zeleň, s. r. o., is based in Únětice. We travel throughout the Czech Republic to care for trees. Don’t hesitate to contact us.    

Comprehensive Approach
We try to approach care for trees in the most comprehensive manner. In addition to pruning and bracing, which are standard in our field at the current time, we deal with tree injections and improving conditions. We are fully aware that trees are the most valuable investment in our future, we will inform you in detail of each necessary step in care for them.    
The Latest Technology

More and more frequently we deal with individual protection of trees during construction work. Thanks to air spade technology, which we have been using for more than ten years, we have managed to reduce the negative impacts of construction work on trees. When this method is used, tree roots are not damaged.     

We Lecture At Universities
We are involved in the preparation of Nature and Landscape Management Standards and regularly contribute to their updating. For several years we have been involved in the Landscape Care Section – ISA. Landscape and Garden Society. We have been lecturing to arboreal studies students at Mendel University in Brno and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague for a long time.              
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
We will build the garden of your dreams. Contact us.
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