Garden maintenance


Do you not have time for comprehensive maintenance of your garden or is caring for it above your strength?     
We offer you comprehensive care for your green space, whether public or private. We care for small gardens by houses, as well as large gardens, parks and large industrial premises. Based on a precise inventory, we will prepare a maintenance plan, from maximum turnkey variants to one-off actions.

We handle all care, from the aforementioned taking of inventory of green space to comprehensive care for lawns, tree and bush maintenance, cleaning of green space and subsequent care for plants, removal of plant waste, operation of automatic irrigation systems, etc.     

We will comply with your requirements and propose made-to-measure solutions. We take care of gardens throughout the Czech Republic.   

Maintenance is Necessary in Every Season.
Regular garden maintenance is necessary throughout the year. The basis of maintenance is lawn maintenance. In the autumn and spring we recommend performing verticulation, followed by additional fertilisation and sewing. Before winter, we recommend applying a preventative spray on shaded and damp places to prevent mould forming. We also perform pruning of fruit and decorative trees and bushes.       
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
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