Tree assessments



We assess the current state of treesand their stability with emphasis primarily on operational safety. We also assess the physiological vitality and potential of continued life of a tree in its position, including a proposal for a specific technology to be used.     

During a visual assessment, we focus on the durability of an individual tree against breaking. In the event of need, we arrange instrument measuring using the tensile test method or an acoustic tomograph, based on which we objectively ascertain a tree’s resistance to breaking and overturning.       
We can do all this also in the form of an expert report.   

In the event of any grey areas, such as the type of report that is most suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will find an optimum solution together.    


If you have trees on your lot that you want to cut down and they are trees where permission is required, it is necessary to have a dendrological survey performed. We perform surveys with the aim of ascertaining the current state of trees also in larger green spaces. For each tree we assess primarily its operational safety and propose specific work for it.               

We assess the parameters ascertained in the whole area in a dendrological potential analysis. An easy-to-understand map, colourful graphs and comprehensive interpretation of the results are matters of course, thanks to which you can easily obtain an overall image of the state of the trees assessed.      

In a care plan we will subsequently propose the procedure for long-term tree care as a part of the area, including dividing work into stages. It is an effective tool for continual care for trees that, last but not least, enables green space managers to plan the funds necessary for its upkeep.       


We input information about trees assessed into specially-developed HAPPY TREES software. This enables us to operatively work with a database and, in accordance with the requirements of a green space manager, optimise the schedule for care for trees in the relevant area.        

By maintaining records of installed bracings and care performed in digital form, we obtain documents for regular tree inspections, and thereby ensure clients have legal protection within the meaning of valid legislation. 


We calculate the environmental and social value of a tree in accordance with Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic methodology, in particular to determine the amount of substitute plantings or substitute measures in accordance with Sections 9 and 86 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on conservation of the countryside and landscape. In the same way, we determine the asset value of trees and calculate the asset detriment if they are damaged in accordance with Valuation Decree No. 441/2013, as amended.              


We assess the state of veteran trees in an area of interest, propose specific technology for work and their long-term management, including a care plan (classification of veteran trees in stages depending on the urgency of care).     


In accordance with requirements, we can also prepare simple financially-non-demanding studies or draft comprehensive detailed project documentation. In addition to designing treatment for individual trees or groups of them, in cooperation with experienced garden and landscape architects we will draft a comprehensive solution for the revitalisation of whole parks or other green spaces.     
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
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