Improvement of conditions in a position

Improvement of conditions in a position can lead to the enhancement of a tree’s failing physiological vitality.


Aerating or exchanging the upper layers of soil will effectively support their further growth and functional continuance at a location. Using air spade technology and other careful means, it is possible to achieve the required aim, as well as minimising the negative impacts on a tree treated. A limiting factor for trees is a sufficient amount of water. We therefore try to make a source of rainwater accessible to trees in external positions. In contrast to ordinary connection to the water mains, this is physiologically better and also an environmentally more sustainable approach.      


In extreme cases where it is not possible to ensure the survival of a very valuable tree that is in serious conflict with construction work, we can prepare and then realise re-planting in a new, more favourable position. A chestnut tree that we prepared in Liberec and that weighed 300 tons with its root system celebrated fifteen years since its successful transfer in 2021.     
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
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