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If you are interested in professional tree pruning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Tree pruning is a basic arboreal service aimed improving the situation  in a crown or improving the stability of an individual tree. Our company performs all types of pruning (initial, maintenance, stabilisation and special) in accordance with the Nature and Landscape Management Standard – Tree Pruning – SPPK A02 002.         
We support organisms linked to trees, so, where it is at least partially enabled by the situation, we prune trees in a way close to nature. We treat trees not only in Prague, but throughout the Czech Republic.      


In order to prevent tree crowns from breaking or branches from falling, we install dynamic bracings made from synthetic materials. In the event that, with regard to the state of a tree, it is not possible to use dynamic bracing (e.g. unstable skeletal branching), we install fixed braces, which may be drilled in or use a base. Safety bracing performed by our company materially helps extend the lifetime of individual trees.     

In the case of dynamic bracing, we use tried-and-tested systems from leading producers.   For drilled and base bracings we have developed our own systems whose load-bearing capacity and functionality we have verified over the last twenty years and more.    


Another measure that reduces the risk of a crown snapping or a whole tree overturning is support. Supports have to be installed so that the crown is not damaged during their installation or, secondarily, as a consequence of growth or abrasion.    
At the current time this is more of an exceptional type of treatment that makes sense in justified cases.     


A senescent tree is a tree that has ended its adult stage and is starting to irreversibly decline.       Veteran trees are one of the biggest challenges when realising measures. The set of professional measures for senescent trees includes both treatment and position management. Special pruning of the crown is focused on support for natural processes(tree stabilisation, support for its regeneration) and is supplemented by any required installation of bracing and cabling. During pruning, we remove less active peripheral parts of the crown and, on the contrary, support vital growing in the lower part of the crown and in the trunk. It is a good idea to leave stable dead branches or parts of them in the crown.         

If the situation allows, it is a good idea to leave wood removed by pruning close to the pruned tree, so as not to interfere with the natural cycle of nutrients at the location.      
For such aged trees it is necessary to ensure plenty of light, so we work with the surrounding growth and progressively suppress competing younger trees. It is also very important to maintain and support the biological potential of such valuable individuals (accompanying organisms).      
Such demanding type of treatment should be preferred primarily in care for veteran trees and historical avenues.    

At Baobab, we place emphasis on the exceptional environmental, aesthetic and cultural function that these trees perform.   
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
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