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Tree injecting is a technology used for individual tree protection with very wide usage. It is a sensitive procedure ordinarily used now in the developed world, and a tried-and-tested method of helping treesagainst dangerous pests and serious diseases.  The method can be used to effectively provide trees with nutrition and support substances with the aim of improving their physiological vitality and extending their functional lifetime.   

Success Rate of Over 90% 

We have been working on tree injections for a number of years with leading  experts from the Forestry Faculty at Mendel University in Brno. Thanks to ongoing improvements of the substance applied and optimisation of the injection technology, micro-injectionsin horse chestnuts against leaf-miner have a success rate of over 90 %.


Treating a tree with a micro-injection consists of inserting a small quantity of the active ingredient under the bark into trees’ vascular tissue. It is then transported to physiologically active tissue that is attacked by the pathogen. This procedure will ensure high resistance of a treated tree to specific insect pests and fungal diseases, without a negative impact on the environment.         

The main benefits of micro-injections are:
Almost immediate and long-term effect
High standard of selective treatment
Zero leaking of active ingredient into the environment
A tree only suffers minimal damage due to application
At the moment the best experience is with protection from horse-chestnut leaf-miner, which causes significant damage to leaves. It is also possible to successfully combat sap-sucking pests, such as Pineapple gall adelgid, Prociphilus bumeliae, linden aphid (causes honeydewing), etc. In the case of trichomycosis diseases, there are good results suppressing Dutch elm disease. In the case of ash trees infected with Hymenoscyphus albidus, an injection can help alleviate the intensity of withering. We also inject plane trees against anthracnose.        

With regard to the advantageous price, it is possible to use injections in bulk in towns and municipalities


When treating a tree with a macro-injection, a larger quantity of a mixture of several active ingredients is inserted into the trunk. Primarily, this concerns support for tree nutrition through the application of assimilates. Ingredients active against insect pests or fungal diseases are also added. The principle of the application and transport of ingredients in the tree system is otherwise the same as micro-injection.           
The main benefit of macro-injections is effective, comprehensive and  long-term support for a specific tree.
Application is preceded by a detailed diagnosis of a tree, based on which a mixture of substances optimum to support the tree is created.   
Using macro-injections has, with regard to the higher costs, a significance primarily for extraordinarily valuable trees where there is an eminent interest in their continuing in a position.    

We have wide-ranging experience  protecting important trees against a whole number of pathogenic organisms, so if you are interested in tree injections, contact us.  
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