Wood in the Garden

For a long time, house gardens have not served only utility purposes, but are now primarily for aesthetic reasons. If stone is number one in terms of long life and good availability, we can expect much more from wood. In addition to the fact that stone is an essential part of a garden, it also smells good and boasts excellent properties.


Using wood in the garden offers a wide spectrum of options. One impressive option is to make a wooden terrace. This solution optimally corresponds to the natural character of a garden, wood does not look out of place on a terrace, although concrete or pavers, for example, do. A wooden surface is also a suitable way to access a swimming pool or garden pond. The benefits of wooden terraces, in addition to the natural appearance, include the low heat conductivity of wood, which does not make a terrace burning hot in the summer. Thanks to this, the surface will not overheat – walking on wood remains pleasant even in the hot summer sun. A wooden terrace is a similar benefit even in the opposite effects of cold weather. Whether you decide on a terrace made from spruce, pine or larch, don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made solution.      


Small structures can become a significant element in garden space. With their help it is possible also to effectively break up space in a garden. The most popular garden structures include pergolas, which can create intimate nooks in the garden. In contrast to aluminium structures, wood wonderfully fits into every garden. In combination with suitably selected climbing plants, a pergola serves as protection against the direct summer sun.            

The structure of a gazebo or pergola should form a harmonic whole with the garden environment and the house that it is close to. Our company will take care of this, all you have to do is contact us.         


So that your land or garden is of a representative character and not chaotic, it is a good idea to have a tool shed. We will design and build a stable  shed to protect garden equipment and tools, as well as       a shelter for wood or a car.


Wooden elements in garden space do not always have to perform a structural task, as is the case for pergolas, they can also have an aesthetic function. If you want to supplement an exterior with decorative trees and bushes and also retain a certain “mobility”, for example for thermophilic types that need to be placed in the house in the winter, one solution is large, wooden planters. Wooden planters can stylishly decorate every garden. It is also possible to line the boundary between a lawn and flower beds with wooden palisades, which can support a slope and demarcate the boundary where the ground becomes flat. High-quality furniture is also an essential part of gardens.    
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