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Garden architecture is a search for a path between the ideal and the possible. So that garden designs and gardens themselves meet demanding requirements, we have to know not only the environment, but primarily your opinions. Our architects will therefore carefully listen to you, so they get to know your ideas and dreams. Garden designs can be simple studies, as well as large-scale projects.

Would you like to rebuild a historical garden, park or “green meadow”? Garden architecture is our mission! Visit us and together we will find a way to the destination...


A garden should fit in with the surrounding landscape and correspond to its character. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use the original lie of the land, because it has been reshaped so many times due to construction work that it needs to be re-modelled. The correct layering of substances and respecting the water regime is the basic condition for the functionality of newly-created “landscape”. Through the correct selection of the composition of the base layer and soil under future plants we will provide your garden with a permanent base for future growth and development.


Water, the  basis of life. This school saying applies doubly to gardens. Our automatic irrigation systems made from Rain Bird and Hunter components enable you not only to have a full experience of a vital and beautiful garden the whole year round, but, in addition to time savings, will bring you financial savings thanks to the optimum spatial and volume distribution of water. User-friendly and simple operation and system response to the weat her is a matter of course.      


Water as the decoration and peak of a garden. Thanks to modern technology, today a small pond does not have to be the source of bothersome smells or unpleasant insects. A water feature can give your garden an additional dimension and atmosphere. It can calm you down, but also introduce dynamism and movement in accordance with your ideas. If you have space and appetite, why not enjoy non-traditional bathing in your own bathing pond. Again using the latest technology and materials we will create a romantic pool or sea beach at your home for you.            


Let there be light. Your garden is beautiful not only in the daytime. At night there are lots of things whose beauty could be highlighted or just viewed differently, thanks to the installation of lights from leading brands, produced specially for exterior use.       


Sheds, fencing – A functional and beautiful garden becomes an integral part of your living space. So that it can perform all the functions that you require from it, it is necessary to create some technical facilities. We will build for you fences, pergolas, sheds, gazebos, children’s playgrounds, play elements, barbeque points, grills and other small structures that make staying in your piece of the natural world more pleasant.            


Our workers are able to make small structures from concrete and natural stone. They will build paths, low walls, rockeries and other stone elements in your garden.    


We buy deciduous and coniferous trees from tried-and-tested suppliers in the Czech Republic and abroad. It depends on your selection, what size of plants you choose. You can watch the development of your garden from a small tree or decide on mature trees that will move your garden a decade into the future. We will supplement the basic skeleton of the garden formed by trees with a wide spectrum of bushes, grasses, perennials, annuals, rock plants and mobile greenery in such a way that your garden is varied and interesting the whole year.                
Comprehensive Gardening and Arboreal Work
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