Stone in the garden


Stone has been used as a reliable building material since ancient times. Its leading benefits include its unique structure, permanence and durability, meaning it is not destroyed by bad weather or time. In garden architecture it is possible to work miracles with stone, in particular when building water features, such as rockeries androcky  slopes. Stone can also be used in the construction of supporting low walls, paths and as an independent aesthetic element. Stone is simply beautiful in all its forms for decoration of a garden, flower beds and rockeries: from wall tiles and pavers to stepping stones and solitary pieces.        

Unique Properties
Stone’s leading properties include the ability to accumulate heat from solar radiation. It is gradually released during cooler weather or at night. Thermophilic plants do very well close to stone. Whether you are interested in stone or dry walls, stone pavers or rocky slopes, don’t hesitate to contact us.        


Stone is made for the construction of various low walls. A low stone wall is wonderful as a practical     and aesthetic detail in a garden. It reliably holds up a slope or separates its individual parts. What is important is the size and shape of stones – a wall made from large blocks and a wall made from a mixture of small stones look different.    


Stone is often the basis when creating any garden. Dry walls offer a practical and effective solution. To put it simply, they are low walls made from stone that are not bonded by any type of cement. The only bonding agent could be made from clay and sand. Dry walls can create, for example, a boundary around land, a raised flower bed, but more frequently line paths anddeal with height differences on land. So that a low wall is stable, it is a good idea to sink it into the ground a little and, when building it, make sure the pieces overlap so that it doesn’t fall down. In addition, dry walls can support rock plants and other vegetation that are not demanding and can stand dry periods for a long time.    


Another of our specialities is stone pavers. They are used for the construction of garden paths, terraces and  staircases. In recent years, stone pavers have been enjoying great popularity also in gazebos and around swimming pools.     


Non-traditional rocky slopes are a great choice for those that like trying something new. Stone should give the impression that it has just rolled down the slope. In addition to large stones arranged in irregular groups, an important role is played by crushed stone of various fractions that naturally acts as mulch on the surface of the slope.         


Water in a garden works wonderfully with stone, which creates an attractive transition between cooling water and other parts of a garden. Linking these two natural elements together raises every garden to a higher level. A combination of these elements can be typically observed not only in Japanese gardens, but also in the Czech Republic.        
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